At 927 Events we work with many great organizations to provide personalized events for our clients.  We also work with local organizations which champion the hospitality industry through food, entertainment and facilities.  Listed below are a few of our partners.

Bee Friends Farm was founded by Michael and Christie Leach, two of the best friends a bee ever had. Michael began years ago by handcrafting hives for other beekeepers. Soon his interest in beekeeping grew, and he began tending his own hives, producing the finest raw Florida honey to be found.

Over the years, Michael has become a leading beekeeping authority, supporting his beekeeping friends not only by building their hives, but also conducting seminars on all aspects of keeping bees healthy and productive.

Today BFF is still a family and friends business, with each member of the staff devoted not only to producing Florida’s Favorite Honeys, but also to insuring the wellbeing of our bee friends. It is both a challenging and rewarding job.

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