The newest addition to WJCT’s popular First Coast Connect radio program hosted by Producer Melissa Ross is “A Moveable Feast,” where hospitality/food publicist Leigh Cort discusses the hottest dining, tourism and hospitality trends in the region. 
In its launch, the Moveable Feast segment airs every other week on 89.9 FM on Tuesday mornings (also 8:00pm the same day of morning show).
927 Events ~ downtown Jacksonville’s most original event venue ~ is Moveable Feast’s sponsor. Created and owned by entrepreneur Paul Sifton and Chef Chriss Brown, 927 Events is an excellent match for the show that features a broad spectrum of the booming food & hospitality scene of northeast Florida/southeast Georgia.
Moveable Feast Concept:
Leigh Cort, Founder of the Womens Food Alliance, invites guests who are innovative, knowledgeable and successful in the food & hospitality industry ~ including representatives from hotels, restaurants, specialty foods, brewers, farmers, chefs, cookbook authors, confectioners and culinary trend-setters. A few of the upcoming segments include: Affordable Eats, Breakfast Rules, Mega Menus, Reservations Please, Comfort Food or Dessert First, Outdoor Cafes Along the Coast…and Community Tables Bring New Friends.
927 Events Partners:
Paul Sifton:  For 30 years, he’s believed in the downtown Jacksonville vision ~ Beginning in 1987 he converted the current Sally building on Forsyth St. to how it looks today for his startup company Profilers. By 2006, he bought the circa 1915 building slated to be demolished at 927 West Forsyth St. ~ and created an event space that is totally ‘unexpected’ ~ an ideal location for meetings & events that are cleverly original.
Chef Chriss Brown: A professional chef with an eagle eye on the catering scene and fellow chefs, she created the Beaver Street Commissary (a licensed foodservice facility) ~ where she prepares the on and offsite food for 927 Events ~ plus offers the space to more than 30 food-related companies in the region.
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